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Seating Advice Needed

Hey my fellow Knotties!
This site and message boards are seriously saving my skin when it comes to planning my wedding next year. :-)

Now to the advise:
How popular is it to include WP spouses/sig. others in the Head Table?
I was always assuming having the WP at the Head Table which totals to 14. I really don't like the idea of having the spouses/ sig. others at the Head Table and our Reception Site wont accomondate a 28 person head table. Which would force me to have a 'Main Head Table' with Myself, FI, MOH, her boyfriend (whom I am not a big fan off) BM and his gf both whom I love. Then another table with 3 BMs, (2 of which have spouses/sig. others) 2 Jr BMS and 3 GMs (2 of which have spouses/sig others) and 2 Ushers.

I thought one of the perks of being in the WP was to sit up front at the Head Table- I don't think it's fair to be put at another table. Plus I want to be able to chat with them down the Head Table....( I am a BM in a friends wedding in Aug and if she did this I would feel totally awkward and left out since my spouse can't make it)

Am I just being totally selfish?!? Be Honest Ladies!! :-)
Thanks in Advance!

Re: Seating Advice Needed

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    I think that can go a bunch of ways. I haven't really seen any head tables with the WP guests at it. I mean, really you're just sitting there for dinner, I'm sure they can be away from their guests for a few minutes. Why not just sit the guests at their own table together?

    I guess I wouldn't put them at the HT. They'll be fine. :)

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    I haven't been to any weddings where the WP significant others have also been at the head table. I have been the significant other at weddings before and have been placed at a table right next to the head table along with other spouses/bf/gf.  So I don't think it's rude at all to not have them seated there!
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    I agree with the others, and haven't seen guests seated at the head table at weddings I have gone to. If they won't know anyone else at the wedding, I would just put some extra thought into seating them by someone you think they would get along with well or have things to talk about.
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    Having sig others at the head table was a MUST for me.  FI has been in many weddings and I just would like to sit with my date at the wedding.  Plus, we love all of our WP's sig others and would love for them to sit with us.  After sitting down and thinking about it, 2 of the GM are bringing their kids (2 each) so our head table could just not accomodate this.  The kids are all under the age of 8 so they can't sit at a table by themselves so we put all the sig others (and their kids) close to the head table and are just having the WP (including ushers) at the head table.  We'll only be sitting for about 20 minutes so I got over it.
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    Thank you Ladies!! I know I have tons of time to hatch out the details but work is slow and I have time now so might as well... right?
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    That's something that you don't need to worry about now :)
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    We're going to try to get the spouses/partners of our WP at the head table.  Since the WP will only consist of 9 of us (including the officiant, who's my MOH's husband), not including ushers, it's only going to be a few more people to add, since those who have spouses will have to have their spouses sit with their kids to watch them (each of them have little ones), so the single-but-with-boyfriend BM and GM can have their boyfriends sit with us, provided they are dressed appropriately.  I gnash my teeth over the GM having his boyfriend sit with us, but only because I don't like him.  I'd hate for the boyfriends to have to sit on their own, especially since GM's boyfriend doesn't really get along with anybody but the GM.  They'd both feel weird sitting by themselves at a table full of strangers.
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