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Hi Ladies - I don't hang out here too much since I was married last year but I know many of us are buying houses and moving and I wanted to share my experience with hot water heaters with you guys so you don't make the same mistake we did. We bought a hot water heater from Lowes - they are the only retailer of Whirlpool hot water heaters and it's been a nightmare. We bought it less than three years ago and after a year it broke on Dec 23, I had to beg a UPS driver to deliver the part early so we had hot water over Christmas. Fast forward 2 years and the hotwater heater is shot and has to be replaced. Whirlpool will only pay for the replacement parts, not labor. We are on the hook for another $300+ for installation! Not too mention having no hot water for 4+ days.  Please Google Whirlpool hotwater heaters before you buy one. We are so disappointed with the product we decided we'd rather pay for a different brand than risk another Whirlpool.

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    I actually work at my family owned appliance store that does both sales and service on water heaters. We carry the brand Rheem and they are incredibly reliable and the only brand that we carry because we are so confident in them. They are a little bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for. The big box stores are only concerned with keeping their prices down, they don't stand behind their products.
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