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The forgotten things

For those already married, or still planning but we're lucky enough to think of small things that may've been forgotten, just wondering if you had any of those on your wedding day?  I feel pretty confident that I've thought of about just all that I have to, but then again, I could be missing something completely obvious. So, any details that may've been forgotten about for your wedding day?

Re: The forgotten things

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    I have nothing to contribute, but I'm interested to see what everyone has to say!  Good question!  = )
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    The only thing I can think of is that our photog does this cool shot with the invite in the foreground and the ongoing wedding in the background but the wedding is out of focus.  I meant to grab the invite and completely spaced it.  Oh well!  Other than that, I don't recall anything being overlooked.  I'm a total Type A person though so I had lists and lists and lists leading up to the day. 
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    We made a "Thank You!" sign to take a picture with for our thank you cards...and totally forgot to take the picture.

    We also left some of the photo booth props in the car and didn't realize it until the next day...

    Nothing important:)
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