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For those wearing a veil...

Are you planning on wearing it all night? I'm not worry about "people forgetting I'm a bride" or anything I just think its pretty and can't decide lol.

Re: For those wearing a veil...

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    I'm only planning on wearing mine for the ceremony.  Mainly because I'm worried I'd be trying not to sit on it or it getting caught on something/someone. 
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    I only plan to wear mine for pictures before and during the ceremony.  Mine is cathedral length and will be too long to wear for the reception.  Even if it was fingertip or elbow length I would still probably take it off because like PP, I wouldn't want it to get in the way or caught on anything.
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    I am switching it out after the ceremony for a hair flower-
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    If I do decide to get one (still can't make up my mind), I'll only wear it for the ceremony. Unless I love it that much, but I have a feeling that I'll want it gone. 
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    I wore mine up through dinner and then took it off.  Mine had beading along the edges and it was easy to snag if it got caught on itself.  I had a very small wire and pearl-like bead headband on kinda under where the comb attached  (You coudlnt' really see it with my veil on) so I still had something going on once the veil came off. 
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    I was not going to wear one,nbut mom and sis talked me into it. I am glad I did wear one. In had planned to take it off aftermthe ceremony, but time just went so fastnand I forgot and didn't even notice until one of my bm's asked me halfnway throughout the dance if i still wanted it on. I wouldmrecommend to take it off after dinner....I have no pics without mine and sorta hate that.
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    I kept mine on for the ceremony and through some of the formal pictures.  If you look through the whole slideshow, you can tell when I took it off. (It was windy and it kept blowing in people's faces...)  I like that I got some really good pictures with my veil, but I didnt' have to deal with it all day either.
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    I plan on taking mine off after the ceremony, mostly because things like that bug me after a while wearing it :-P
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    I will take mine off after the ceremony.. if I can easily get it out of my hair without ruining my hair style.
  • ogrady88ogrady88 member
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    I'm wearing mine throughout the parent dance and then taking it off.  It is cathedral length but will be bustled with my dress...it is beautiful all bustled together.
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    I'll probably take mine off after pictures (we're doing those after the ceremony), though if I really like it I might wear it through dinner, but it would be too much to wear dancing.
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    Mine was super simple and not quite down to my elbows, and I kept it on all night. It wasn't getting in the way or causing any issues. Actually, my pinned up hair ended up falling almost completely apart, so after dinner I took out the pins, threw it in a low-ish ponytail, and put my veil back on over it. I may not have kept it on all night had my hair stayed together.
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    I am wearing mine only for the ceremony and perhaps a couple of the pro pics... I love my hair flower better (although I love my veil I love the flower a litte more! )
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    I had a cathedral length veil so I couldn't really wear it at the reception, people would step on it constantly. I took it off on the ride over to the reception but I wish I would have kept it on for a few of our group pictures with the pros.
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  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    I took mine off right after Joe and I exited the church since it was really long and I didnt want to worry about stepping on it. In hindsight I kinda wish I had left it on at least through our after pics and had just taken it off once we got to the reception.
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