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Hotel Blocks

Hey Knotties
I have had several guests query about hotel accommodations during our Wedding Weekend. About 20% of our Guests are out of State. So Months ago I gave them all the info for getting a room at our rate and to date no one has booked rooms. (According to the Hotel)

Our Reception is at the hotel so they are blocking 20 rooms for Sat. and 10 for fri. Anyways they are ours until the day of so its no biggie. But I'm wondering why these guests would make such a big deal about getting the info. And then do nothing LoL. Again I have just under 9 months - so no problems or stress yet but was looking forward to hearing that at least a couple rooms were booked. LoL

Re: Hotel Blocks

  • tpender13tpender13 member
    edited December 2011
    Weird. We haven't sent out that info yet, so none of ours have been used. Bummer that not a single person has booked yet. You'd think at least some of your family would have...
  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
    Knottie Warrior 1000 Comments Combo Breaker
    edited December 2011

    Do you know that they haven't booked yet?  The reason I ask is that I had trouble with people booking a room and the hotel not putting them in our block.  The only reason I even knew about it was that my Aunt and Uncle mentioned they had gotten a room but they hadn't shown up on the report the hotel gave me a few weeks out.  I ended up spreading the word via parents to have everyone double check that they were booked into our block for the better rate and *poof* all the sudden we had a bunch of new entries.  Might be worth a look. 

  • edited December 2011
    thats why I mentioned as per the hotel. That was my first thought but  I have to wait as FMIL is out of the country and she was the one who originally wanted to know so early since she has to book rooms for most of her relatives.
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