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Looking for a caterer to do a VEGAN wedding

Hi!  We'd like to have an all vegan wedding, and I want the food to be interesting and delicious, not just some boring pasta or something.  Wondering if anyone can recommend a caterer who has done good vegan options or a full vegan wedding in the Twin Cities? We haven't picked our venue yet, so we're totally open (will either find a venue that has a good vegan-friendly caterer, or will pick a venue that allows any licensed caterer).  Thanks!

Re: Looking for a caterer to do a VEGAN wedding

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    I have no real basis to this, but have you checked Chow Girls? For some reason, I feel like they've gotten really good reviews for vegetarian meals.  They may be open to vegan options, too?
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    Thanks! I've heard of them and had heard they do veg-friendly stuff. I will definitely check them out!
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    I wonder if a call to Spoonriver (restaurant in Minneapolis) would be worth a call? I feel like the owner Brenda, has catered an event I was at...but I could be wrong. They are known for local, organic, vegetarian, etc...if they don't cater, perhaps they could recommend someone?

    Good luck!
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    I had my reception at the St. Paul hotel and they did a vegan plate for one of my photogs.  She RAVED about it but I honestly couldn't tell you what they did because I didn't sample it at our tasting - just trusted they'd do a good job. 
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    I attended a vegan wedding last September and I have a few comments from it. Make sure your caterer has done a full vegan wedding before hand. The wedding we were at, the caterer had never done a full vegan wedding and according to the groom, the food at the tasting was delicious but the food at the reception was TERRIBLE. So make sure they have done a vegan wedding before and definitely check with references.

    Sorry I don't have any catering references since I am not from the area but I wanted to make sure you knew that they needed experience.
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    Definitely Chow Girls... I'll be using them for my wedding next May.  Their vegan and vegitarian options were delicious that my fiance and I tried at our tasting!  I know that they're pretty well known for their menu flexibility.  I almost enjoyed the vegan entree more than the chicken that we're going with!  They've catered an event at my work before and it ran very smoothly.  As for venues, I'd opt for one that is open catering... otherwise you'll get charged a ridiculously high catering fee!  Chow Girls does charge for labor as well as a gratuity for any catered events, but not as high as some I've seen... they fell right in the middle of the three quotes I received for my venue!
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