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Silhouette Stationary

Has anyone worked with someone who can do silhouettes of you and your groom? Or have you figured out how to create them yourself? I really want to have our silhouettes on our invite and am trying to figure out how I get started or if someone does them?

Thanks for your suggestions!

Re: Silhouette Stationary

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    Here is a DIY tutorial: 

    You could scan the finished silhouettes to add anywhere. 

    For the project, if you need a good silhouette photo I'd recommend doing one against a white wall or sheer curtains with light coming through. It will give you the most contrast from the background to the person. 
    Another idea: I made some with a camera and photoshop - Super easy if you are familiar with cameras and the program. 

    I happen to have rice paper shades that worked really well for the lit backdrop. So if you have light curtains or could hang up a sheer white fabric over a window it will create a good contrast. I posed the FI in front of the window and metered the exposure for the shade/curtian. This causes the subject to be dark. I imported the photos in photoshop, added contrast to separate the silhouette from the background even more. 
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    I know that one of the girls on the retro/vintage board was doing those. She made some huge blown up ones for a decoration. You might try over there and see if she is around. 
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