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E-Pic Wardrobe....HELP

Hey ladies,
We're supposed to have our engagement photos done this coming weekend and I'm excited... but have NO idea what to wear in them! We will be doing outside pictures and for those my FMIL purchased both FI and I awesome new peacoats.
What did you wear for your's... and if you did them in the winter, what did you wear under coats etc?

Re: E-Pic Wardrobe....HELP

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    It usually ends up being during the sacraments, such as communion and gospel. It just depends on the church.
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    Do you have some cute boots you could wear over jeans or tights & a skirt/dress? I think sweater dresses with boots are super cute. Either that or a sweater with jeans is a pretty reliable set. You could use a cute scarf to accent your jacket too! HTH
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    [QUOTE]It usually ends up being during the sacraments, such as communion and gospel. It just depends on the church.
    Posted by Cascasbaby53[/QUOTE]

    Knot fail?

    Are you doing indoor pics as well? I would think that if you are going to do some kind of jeans and cute shirt outfit for indoor pics, you could just throw the jackets on top of that to head outside.

    I think for indoor pics, you should pick nice clothes that you would wear on a relatively normal day. You'll both be comfortable and the pics will turn out the best. I'm not a fan of trying to match outfits, but coordinating them would be nice -- say you're wearing a red dress, he could wear black dress pants and a red striped button down. Or you could both wear jeans, he wears a solid black sweater, and you wear a black and white printed top.
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    We did indoor and outdoor pics in February when we had ours done.  DH wore jeans and a black sweater with a red and white stripe that runs from one wrist across the shoulders to the other wrist (ski style if that makes sense).  I wore jeans and a solid black scoop neck t-shirt with a little ruching near the shoulder/arm seam.  Make sure if you do inside pics to either wear clean socks or decide to match them somehow.  We had pics laying on the floor on our stomachs and had our legs crossed at the ankles and bent up at the knee and didn't choose them because DH had nasty looking socks on!!  lol.

    As for oustide, we just threw on our coats and went out. DH has a leather aviator style shearling lined coat that is brown and white where the shearling shows.  I went and got a brown coat to coordinate and also got a white scarf.  They didn't "match" but they still went together nicely.  DH had gloves on but I went without them and just had my hands in my pocket which actually turned out cute!  We had a snowball fight and our photog was having a blast shooting pics of it. 
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    We will be wearing dressy clothes for some pictures. I found a cute black dress, and purple pumps. And we will be doing more casual pictures as well, with a sweater and jeans. I would choose clothes that are solids, not patterns. I've also heard to wear a piece of statement jewelry? HTH.
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    We did indoor and outdoor pics too. DH wore a button down with an argyle sweater and jeans, I wore black cords with a red tee and gray cardi (the colors coordinated with the colors in DH's sweater.
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    my siggy pic is what we wore for ours, but it was also sept at the time. However, last winter when we got engaged, we took some pics outside. I just wore a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve zip up thing. and FI wore a sweater. we "matched" alittle, wearing blacks and grays. We didn't wear a jacket or anything...just braved the elements for an hour (I don't recommend that BTW!)

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    I have one outfit picked out- (I am obsessed with finding perfect outfits for our photos in JUNE)

    I will be wearing a bright yellow mod looking dress and FI will probably be in nice jeans, white button up, gray cardigan, and black tie.

    other outfit? undecided but I sure am looking.

    What I have noticed in my obsessive looking is that fun clothes really make the pictures pop- whether it is a bright color, fun shoes, feminine dress, chunky jewlery, etc.

    I also think that the guy should ne nicely styled as well- I have seen plenty of pics where the guy wasn't wearing anything special and they just kind of seemed blah.

    I totally agree with the statement necklace/jewelry, and that the outfits should go together but not match. and the sweaterdress/boots idea. I have heard to stay away from prints, but I disagree- I have seen some awesome print ones!
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