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AW: Vendor Reviews!!!

So I finally finished all of my reviews :) They are in my married bio {clicky} I've included Etsy reviews too all the way at the bottom :)

There are also non-pro pics up :)
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Re: AW: Vendor Reviews!!!

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    Yay! How lucky to have such amazing vendors (nothing but A++++ it looked like!) The snow made the outside of your venue look extra stunning! And of course you looked absolutely beautiful! Can't wait for pro pics and I'm stalking Matt's site for your video :-)
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    Wow, looks like you were very happy with most of your vendors! I'm sure you can't wait to get your pics back from Spencer :)

    Also, we got all of our rings from Mervis! We absolutely loved them :)
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    It looked like you did awesome picking out your vendors!  Thanks for the helpful reviews.

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    Haha, anything past two extra plus signs and I figure you're pretty happy. :)

    Sounds like it was a great day with wonderful vendors!
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    Glad everything was so great for you guys! :) Loved all the pics, too and your dresssss, SO PRETTY! congrats again!
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    Thanks for the reviews! 
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    gah. you're making me feel like a slacker now.
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    Ha yeah - the +++ were great with the vendors! :) I also had Sarah as a DOC and loved her too! She is just such a nice lady and so easy to work with!

    You non pro pics look great too! I already got a sense of how great your wedding day was from looking at those so I cant wait to see your pro pics!
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    You look Stunning!!! So happy your day went so well despite all that snow.  It made it that more magical.

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    Thanks for sharing the reviews - the only one we have in common is Penny Steele but OMG I can't wait to eat that cake!!  Can't wait to see pics by Spencer - they're bound to be amazing.  And you look soooo gorgeous - like a bridal model, seriously! Congrats!
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    Thanks everyone!! We really had a blast!!!  Probably the reason for the "grade inflation" haha, I really loved all of the vendors :)

    Steph - don't worry, I've been procrastinating with everything else in life so that's why there are vendor reviews up :) - how can I help you build the MSP bio??
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    Looks like you had a great day!  So glad you loved Matt (we totally thought he's worth the cost) and I'll most likely be booking Penny this week (her cake practically made me pee my pants hahah) Can't wait to see your pro pics!
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    Thinking about calling Russells on the Lake since you said the food was amazing. Anything else I should know about them or that you can think of? Was it really that good?

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