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I was planning on having a destination wedding, but air has jumped to a price that no longer makes my dream wedding feasible...so I'm starting over.  I've not written on a message board ever before, but I'm hoping to get some help. I'm a little overwhelmed with all the choices here in MN, but I've found the Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska online and it looks very nice.  Has anyone looked into this venue, been there, got married there?  Anything I should look out for?  Thanks for any help you can give. 

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    I know of someone that got married there ( a friend of a friend) and she actually negotiated with them quite a bit to bring the price down. I think her wedding was pretty close to off season, so she got them to get her off season rates, as well as down to something like 25 or 26 bucks pp if she only had the one food option, which I think hers was chicken.

    I think the wedding went really well, from what my friend said. They liked that the hotel rooms were right there, that was a big plus.
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    I went to a wedding there, it was very nice and the food was good. Only thing I did not like was that there are pilars and kind of sectioned off areas that made it difficult to see during the toasts etc but other than that it was great!
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    I've helped set up weddings before there... the outdoor areas that they have ceremonies for are beautiful!  I think that there's three different options for the indoor reception part... two are basically large conference rooms and the other is their main restaurant with huge windows looking outside.  The restaurant one is by far the prettiest of the three IMO and I agree with PP that the layout is a bit chopped up if you have a lot of guests that you need to spread out.  The guest visibility to head table is not as good in "the Seasons" as it would be in the other two spaces.  I think the plus about Oak Ridge is that almost everything is onsite and all-inclusive... it would save you a lot of headaches!  I think it's definitely worth touring... if it's not quite your style, there are plenty of other options!  Just ask the ladies on here if you have any specific things you're looking for or budget that you'd like to stay within.
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    Agree with PP. We do work meetings there sometimes and I liked it. We toured it for our wedding and really liked it (not too outrageously priced) but decided on a different venue in our hometown instead. I would definitely look into it.
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    I have seen a wedding set up there in the restaurant area, and it was absolutely gorgeous! The grounds just outside the restaurant are spectacular in summer, as well. There is a beautiful fireplace at the entrance to the  front lobby that is wonderful, too.

    Also, an FYI...if you are looking for an outstanding place for your ceremony, consider the MN Landscape Arboretum which is about 1-2 miles from Oak Ridge. They have incredible garden areas that are truly a gem and would make for wonderful photos.
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