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..::LittleSweetie::.. Date list sticky?

Hi LS! 

I was wondering if it would be possible to put a final Wedding Dates List/Calendar as a sticky up top. That way we can check out whose big day is upon us, and remember our date twins, etc.

What do you think?

Thanks for considering!
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Re: ..::LittleSweetie::.. Date list sticky?

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    I would, but is that too many stickies up there?  I figured posting it every couple months will get the newbies out of the woodwork, I'll update it when it's posted (and will usually update the Welcome stickie with this month's brides), and it doesn't clutter up the top of the board.

    Unless anyone thinks otherwise???
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    You could maybe add a reply-type post underneath the welcome post. So have the welcome post with the current-month's brides. Then right under that (so in the same thread, not a different thread) post the date list. That way you can easily edit it, or delete it and put a new one up, or whatever. It is also not so imposing and take up another sticky spot. Just another idea for ya...
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