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My dress is in!

I got a post card in the mail from The Wedding Shoppe today telling me that my dress is in! 

Unfortunately, I haven't done any kind of accessory or shoe shopping.  Is this something I should do before my appointment to try the dress on and pick it up?  Or do you think it is fine to bring the dress home (well, to my parent's house), and buy stuff later before taking it for alterations?

Re: My dress is in!

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    I don't see anything wrong with taking it home and working out accessories then, but you'll def want to have a pretty good idea of your shoe height before you start alterations.

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    My first appt with them I just looked over my gown to make sure that it was in good condition (no tears, stains, etc.)  I noted where there was beading missing so that we made sure to fix that down the road, and tried it on for a good once over fit (mine didn't need to be taken in or out - just hemmed and bustled and we added a "modesty" panel because there was just too much cleavage for my own comfort without it and I'm not a shy person!).  No shoes required.  However, when you start having fittings, make sure you have your bra, undergarments and shoes finalized. 
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    I would try it on before you leave the store with it. Some stores have a policy that once it's out of the store, it's all your responsibility if something is wrong with it.

    As for shoes and accessories ... heck no, you don't need them. The dress is in and there's really no returning it now, so go get it! :)

    p.s. I didn't buy my shoes until about a month before the wedding, so definitely don't sweat that stuff yet.
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    I'd try on the dress before you pick out accessories, just to see exactly where the neckline is going to hit so your necklace is the right length and shape to compliment it.  The rest can wait for alterations.
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