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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

Heads up in Nowthen, MN

Backroads in Nowthen just pulled a shady move.  We booked the center for July 2010 back in June 09, even put down the deposit.  My mother called in Dec. 09 to set up a meeting so my fiance and I could see the facility while we were home for the holidays.  The coordinator agreed to the morning meeting, no problem. 
Skip ahead to yesterday (Dec 26), we show up at the center and the coordinator is nowhere to be found.  The waitress then tells us the facility is moving...in 3 weeks! The coordinator agrees to come up to the center in an hour. 

We met with him 2 hours after our scheduled meeting only to find out that yes, the facility is moving down the street to a much smaller location.  He believes he can fit 200 and doesn't understand why we are upset.  When we scheduled this reservation we stated 250-300 guests!
We drove by the "new location" -its in a strip mall  between a tanning salon and a subway restaurant, and from the outside looks to hold more around 150. And the "for lease" signs are still hanging on the window.

So now it is less than 7 months prior to our wedding and we have no facility. 
I know its a little far from MSP to be a common site, but he failed to give us any notice of the change, so he may not be telling any other brides-to-be.

Re: Heads up in Nowthen, MN

  • megs2460megs2460 member
    edited December 2011
    That's so shady, I'm sorry that really sucks.

    I don't know what your buget is but check out "Fountains of Ramsey", that's where I'm having my reception and Ramsey is right next to Nowthen so it's not to far away!
  • edited December 2011
    I drive by that place 3X/week, and I wondered what the deal was with the strip mall - what a huge disappointment!

    Have you checked out Rockwoods or Riverwood Inn? Both are in Otsego, not too far from Nowthen. Is your ceremony in Elk River? If so, there's also The Friendly Buffalo between Big Lake and ER. Monticello has some options too - I am sure there is someplace with availability for your date!
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  • ktcaskey09ktcaskey09 member
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    Thanks for the suggestion, the Fountains was already booked, but luckily we already have some leads in the area as of this morning. 
    The mgr of Backroads suggested the Fountains, then also mentioned that he was trying/wanting to become the new caterer for them as well.  Wells catering has been in business for 30 years so I doubt that will happen!
  • ChelsiLynnChelsiLynn member
    edited December 2011
    Wow that is so shady!  Thanks for posting this though, I was just, like literally an hour ago, looking at booking them for the rehearsal dinner.  Since that will be relatively small we could still probably do it but that kind of business practice makes me weary.  Good luck finding a new venue.  Have you looked at the Links of Northfork in Ramsey?  http://www.golfthelinks.com/banquetsweddings.htm

    I went to a wedding there last September and it was beautiful.
  • ccmmttccmmtt member
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       I am a former employee of this sh-- place.  The owner/manager has NO regard for other people:  Guests or employees.  He is very self centered and NEVER will take responsibility for his own actions.  Owner of Backroads Restaurant owes thousands of dollars to people who are his relatives and many who called him a friend.
      Anyone reading this who has already booked with him better try and get their money back ASAP!!
      You've been warned.  STAY AWAY.  Very unethical business practices....
  • dbabyblingdbabybling member
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    edited December 2011
    Hey just so you know, the samething happened to me adn they ended up closing down. So if you happened to pay them with a visa or some kind of credit card you can get the money back. I paid with a visa and visa covers all services, not products. I paid them in November or 2009 and now in June 2010 im just finding all this stuff out! So check into it!
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