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BBB rec!

Joe and I are finally getting through the rest of our stuff from the wedding and came across a very large toaster oven that we decided we didnt want. It was brand new in the box and even had the gift receipt still taped to it but the receipt had expired about a year ago! Yeah this is what happens when you buy a house after the wedding and dont go through all your gifts till you have been married for 6 months.

Well I brought it back to BBB in hopes that they could do something for me and they took it back! I got store credit but I am totally fine with that (we need bed sheets for our guest rooms anyway :)).

Just wanted to post my rec for those of you registering.

Plus I needed a reason to post as I miss all of you!

Re: BBB rec!

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    Thanks!!!  We registered @ BBB and I just love that place!!!!

    We miss you too!!!
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    Thanks for the rec!  We registered there as well and it's good to know that they've got such a flexible return policy :)

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    We are actually headed there tonight to register and pick out some fancy new stuff. Glad to hear that they are so flexible about returns.
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    That's great! I'm sure they figured they can still re-sell it.

    Good to see you 'round these parts!
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    That is great! That is the main place we are registering!
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    Good to know!  We registered there & they were telling us about their return policy, but I didn't realize it was THAT good!

    We miss you too Danielle!  = )
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    BBB told us that they would give us cash back for up to two years on anything that was on our wedding registry, even if we used it those two years. Do they not do that anymore?

    It's nice to see/hear from you Danielle! It's been awhile! Did you move into your house yet?
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    Wow that is an awesome return policy!
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