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Marriage license time, and pastor on vacation question!

So, I feel like it's time that we get our marriage license taken care of. I realized last week that our pastor is on vacation out of state until the 25th. Do you think that it would be worth a shot of going to the court house and asking for the premarital counseling discount even though we can't get the paperwork signed from our pastor until later, or do you think we should just wait until the 25th. Maybe waiting a week won't be a big deal, but I freaked a little when I realized she wasn't there when I thought I really should get on this task!

Re: Marriage license time, and pastor on vacation question!

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    Hmm how far is the courthouse from you? If its not a huge hassle I would try. However, if its usually busy I would wait. Nothing like wasting time. Since it only takes 5 days I would say you are in good shape so no worries.

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    We went in before we had it signed off and they refused us (I didn't know how that whole discount thing worked at the time).  We are in Hennepin county. I would wait (especially since it's a $70 savings), plus you get all the paperwork that you need for the marriage license right there so you could even do it the week of you wedding if you really needed to.

    Do you have the form that you need your pastor to sign?
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    I'd wait. I doubt they would give you the discount before that form is signed. It doesn't take long to get the license. We had ours mailed to us in Chicago and I think the turnaround was like 5 days.
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    Wait. They won't give you it without the documentation.  Is there someone else at the church that can sign off on it?  You only need to go 5 days before the wedding, and they print the license for you right on the spot.

    FI and I just picked ours up last Friday!  It makes everything so much more real :)
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