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AW - Memorial Bouquet Pendant PIP

I wanted to make a memorial pendant for my Grandpa, who passed away 4 years ago & I loved the idea of trying to make my own.  I found some directions in my DIY Bride book, but it was looking like it might be a little hard!  Well, yesterday my MOH/SIL & I were at Michael's looking for supplies & we came across this charm...

It was only $5.99, which was much cheaper then all the supplies I was going to need to go the other route, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  It opens with a little clasp on the side like this...

And has two pieces of glass, a piece of plastic & the picture that was already in there when purchased.

I found a picture of my grandpa & a saying that I liked & this is what I came up with!



This was my easiest DIY project yet, & definitely a very meaningful thing for me to make.  I love the idea that I'll have something close to me to remind me of my grandpa on a very special day in my life.  <3

Just wanted to share this idea with all of you, in case you were looking to do something similar!  = )

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