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be honest...

Does this look tacky??
I needed to take a work break and I've been staring at this blank unity candle in my office for weeks. I literally spent 10 minutes on it. Does it look too gawdy or homemade?? The back of it looks awful, but no one sees that right?? This is not something that is very important to me to save honestly. Let me know what you think, you won't hurt my feelings (probably :)

Re: be honest...

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    IMHO, I think it looks great!  No gawdiness IMO :0)
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    I think it looks really cool!
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    I like it, but I'd probably swap the white polka dotted black ribbon with a plain black ribbon? It looks a little busy at the bottom next to the Damask.  Other than that, though, I love it!  I really like your monogram, too, by the way.
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    It doesn't look tacky but the damask looks a little out of place with the rest of the look of the candle.
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    I agree w/Steph. I would do either the polka dots or the damask. Or swap one of them out w/a solid ribbon. Otherwise I think it looks good!
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    Ahhh, thanks for the input.
    I unfortunately used Martha Stewart's crazy hold black glue gun and nothing is moving on that sucker :) I had given all of my solid black ribbon to our baker to use on the cake and cupcake stand, hence the damask ribobn. I just wanted to use what I had. I think I'm going to leave the tapers alone and then the busy look of the larger candle will be OK....from a distance you can't even tell there are polka dots.
    Do you like how I talk myself into things?? lol

    Thanks Steph on the monogram!  A friend of mine who is an incredible artist is painting our monogram on our aisle runner, can't wait to see how it turns out!
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    I would use the swirly ribbon on the top and the bottom versus that polka dot and then center everything so you have even amounts of candle showing on the top and bottom. Or use the polka dot ribbon and not the swirly.
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    I had a couple whoopsies on my candle too, I glued another strip of ribbon over it and started a clean layer that way. If that helps, and you are motivated enough to do it again LoL.

    The unity candle was my least favorite DIY project because it was the one I had the least interest in. I'm glad to be done with it!
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    I don't mind the damask ribbon, but the polka dot ribbon does make it look a bit busy. Solid black ribbons would be a better choice, but if it's just going to be lit and melt anyway- it's really a minor complaint.
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    I think that it looks great. I agree with pps about mixing prints, but unless you're taking a ton of pictures of it, I don't think that anyone will really even notice that. It will be so far away that people wont even notice the dots. 
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    [QUOTE]Do you like how I talk myself into things?? lol 
    Posted by martiac225[/QUOTE]

    <div>I do this all. the. time.  But for what its worth, I think it looks great.</div>

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    Thanks Enchanted - glad I'm not alone :)lol

    After looking at it for a day, I kinda like the mixed patterns...I like "different" and mixing things up a bit. No one is gonna notice anyway ;)
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    I really like it! Great job! Could've fooled me that it only took you 10 minutes.
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