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Divine Swine vs. Brasa.

I've read great things about both, and they're both definitely within my catering budget-with Brasa being slightly more expensive.

Anyone have experiences with either of them?
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Re: Divine Swine vs. Brasa.

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    Brasa Brasa Brasa

    It will be worth EVERY penny. Out of towners will be blown away.

    We wanted to have then cater, but Profile Event Center is catering exclusive.
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    Brasa, hands down. Their food is so freaking good.
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    I've been to a wedding with Divine Swine and it was delicious!!
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    Haven't used either for wedding related.
    Got a quote from Divine Swine and they were really nice and kind.
    Eaten at Brasa (often!) and just love it.  It's all local ingredients too.  
    I remember their chef (who probably isn't involved in catering) was named one of the best chefs in the midwest from the James Beard Awards.  That should say something.

    my final vote: Brasa!  Brasa!  Brasa! 
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