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Heritage Table and Frame Ideas

Hi Ladies! I would like to display photos of our parents, GPs, and G-GPs on a table at the reception.  We asked our moms to collect these photos, and they started coming in this weekend!

I'm sure it would be fine if I just set them on the table down from the guest book... but the MSP knotties are a great source of ideas for how to take things up a notch, so I'd love to hear your thoughts!

- Guest book table in entryway or other table in main RC room?

- how to display the "captions" with the couples' name & marriage date (or date the photo was taken)

- considerations for divorced parents? (FI's divorced last year, mine in 1990)

- Where could I find a wide variety of silver or grey frames, preferably ornate/ vintage?  I also don't want to break the bank here.

I also need to source a lot of frames or "easels" to hold the table numbers and a beverage sign for the bar...  Unless I think of a more creative/modern way to do it...  TIA!!!
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Re: Heritage Table and Frame Ideas

  • kkaew816kkaew816 member
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    edited December 2011
    I'm doing the same thing, we will either display them on the cake table or in the entryway...we weren't planning on any captions because we figure most people should know who is in the photos and if not, it would be great conversation. We bought all of our frames from Goodwill for about $1 eac, they are all metal then we bought gold spraypaint so they match. I would consult your parents as to how you want them displayed. FI's grandparents divorced before he was born so we have photos of his grandparents and their new spouses.

    We bought frames for our table names the same route as well, Goodwill and spraypainting them to match

  • schmoodschmood member
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    edited December 2011
    I'd suggest places like Tuesday Morning, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Kohls, Burlington Coat Factory and maybe the Dollar Store for frames.   You could also check the for sale posts on this forum....someone might be selling some.

    The guest book placement might depend on how your venue is set up.  We're going to have ours in the hallway with the escort cards and the table for presents will be inside the main room. 
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    I like the idea of setting it up by the Cake. The Guestbook table will be high traffic but may back up if people are looking at a bunch of pictures. Having it inside the main room with/along the cake allows people to check it out throughout the night , and I know everyone wants to check out the cake :-)
  • jtothelee216jtothelee216 member
    edited December 2011
    We had ours set up at the Guest Book tables.  No captions, partially because I ran out of time, but mostly because I didn't think it was neccessary.  I did not include any pictures of my divorced parents or their new spouses.  I purchased the frames from Michaels for the heritage table, but the frames for signs came from the dollar store.  I just spray painted them a vintage creamy color.

  • Enchanted616Enchanted616 member
    edited December 2011
    I totally echo the home goods suggestion!  They have a huge variety of amazing, ornate frames for very inexpensive.

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  • KittE7KittE7 member
    edited December 2011
    thanks!  Now I might borrow pics from my side that already have frames, so I'll see what color those are b4 shopping.  I hope they are all silver tho. ;)
    I'm going for a "family tree" set-up, with each couple branching from the central photos.  Might put a pic of us in the middle.

    jtothelee216 - thx for sharing your photo!  True, I don't have to include our parents' pics... but as FI's mom said when she gave me her old engagement ring, it was out of their relationships & their love for each other (now faded) that FI and I came to be... maybe we'll just use small pictures?

    My RC venue contact is being slow as molasses in answering my questions, so I don't know where the cake & guest book tables will be yet, or what size they are.  I guess that'll be figured out the week-of, grr.
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  • hkieslinghkiesling member
    edited December 2011
    This was rather expensive, and so out of my budget, but I thought it was cool idea from etsy.  It's a family tree with all of the wedding guests' names on it.  Not exactly on point, but it might be something neat to add to a heritage table.
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    HKiesling, that tree is beautiful!  How much time did that take you to make?  If I've got the time, I'd like to do something similar to use as a backdrop for the heritage photos.

    KittE7, does your venue have a fireplace with a mantle?  That'd be another option to group them together and look homey while giving them their own space.  As for the frames, IMHO, I wouldn't worry about them all matching.  I think mismatched frames look really cute and homemade.
  • KittE7KittE7 member
    edited December 2011

    @ I Want Cake - I think it's just an example from Etsy... I bet you could use design software to make it... few simple swoops for the tree & simple ovalish leaf... Hmmm.
    Whose names are on the leaves that fell off the tree??!  hahhaa.

    Frames - I thought they'd be silver, grey, or black, of all different shapes & sizes.  Easier to just borrow the pics & use the existing frames tho - and it will be cute!

    I still need to find/price out a bunch of mini-easels...

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    reviews to come, i promise
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