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NWR: Kaylee's Kitten Day 12

Here's the next installment of kitty cuteness.  Two days ago, the mostly gray kitty started to crack one eye open.  Today, it has both peepers open wide and the other kittens aren't far behind!

Bimbi, Robin, DrD...eat your hearts out!

Re: NWR: Kaylee's Kitten Day 12

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    Ugh they are so stinkin cuteeeeeee.  I tried to trade guest list space to my dad for the right to own a kitty again at his house.  It didn't work.  Reason # 125941231 that I can't wait for the wedding! I want a dang cat!

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    Seriously, Heather, you're killing me with the adorable kitten pictures!

    If only our current pets weren't such a handful... I would soooo adopt a kitten. I think my dog would absolutely love having a baby kitty around. Despite the fact that the little dude is terrified of other dogs (to the point of being aggressive towards them) he loves cats. Unfortunately, our cat wants nothing to do with him... so the poor guy gets a little lonely.
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    Oh my gosh. I want to kiss it.
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    hehe, kaylas you crack me up!

    maybe, cats never like those who like them and always like those who don't like them.  It's a cat thing.

    debbie, I've been restraining myself as well.  Kaylee looks at me kind of funny when I make kissy-smoochy sounds at them.  She's a little jealous of the attention.
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    Cuteness Overload. Can't handle it!
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