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What kind of wedding band goes with my e-ring? PIP

I'm having trouble trying to decide what wedding band I should get...so thought I ask you ladies for some advice.  I've tried on a single band of diamonds....like one of the 3 already on the ring and tried it both above and below e-ring.  I think it looks a little lopsided to have 2 on one side and not on the other.   My other thought would be to get just a plain silver band and likely wear below e-ring.   But again, wondering if that would look lopsided?   OR, I might just get the plain silver band and wear it in place of the diamond.  I work with a lot of machines at work and get nervous wearing the e-ring and sometimes don't even wear the ring at work.   What do you think?   (I may try to take some pictures next time I go looking and repost with pictures of examples....)  First time trying picture in post, so hopefully it works!  Here's a pic of just the e-ring.

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Re: What kind of wedding band goes with my e-ring? PIP

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    I have a plain silver wedding band and then my e-ring.  I wear the plain one if we travel, hike, garden, or do something where it might get lost or stolen. Like yours, I thought mine would look a bit odd with a band...or lopsided.  

     I've really like it so far.  Plus, the unadorned band was way cheap.  For an anniversary I might have some leaves engraved around it, since my e-ring has two leaves on it.  That would sort of tie them together.

    That said, I think what you have on in the picture looks really nice.
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    Wow that's just your e-ring? Holy schmoly!  It's gorgeous :)

    I would just do a plain thin band that's the same width as one of the bands in your e-ring.  Wearing two rings will always look "lopsided" so you shouldn't really worry about that.  You will learn to love both/together!

    I also have a traveling/camping/working outside band, but it actually matches my husband's wedding band, but in my size of course.  His is an $80 titanium ring, and at that price, I felt like I might as well buy one to match - what the hell!  Just something else to consider.
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