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How to jazz up a boring space?


We are thinking of having our ceremony and reception at the Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake.  The ceremony takes place on the patio, and it's fairly plain out there.  The ballroom is kind of plain too.  We will have ceiling draping, but I'm wondering about the walls and some fun lighting.  I am doing an enchanted forest theme, and I'm thinking a lot of leafy greenery, ivy, candles, etc.

My first question is how to jazz up the patio area?  I would love it if we could do some sort of ivy garland over the area, but since there is no ceiling (obviously) I have no idea how to work that.

Back to the ballroom, it's a pretty plain room so I am looking for ideas on how to get the ambience I'm looking for.

Any ideas would be great!  Thanks!

Re: How to jazz up a boring space?

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    Can you continue the ivy with some topiaries in pots?  You can easily make these yourself with florist foam. Or they may be going on sale soon with the end of season.  You could then move these inside and get some double duty out of them.
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    For the ceremony space, I guess I would rent an arch for the front and then decorate  the arch. Not sure other than that. You could add some potted trees/shrubs  or other larger plants around the outside as well. 

    For the reception space, I think it is amazing what uplighting can do... just take a look at some of these pics: LINK

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    If there's a railing in the patio area, you could drape some vines on that nicely.

    Definitely agree about how cool uplighting can be, and mention gobos. Some of them are pretty crazy, but you can also project a subtle pattern of leaves, branches and/or flowers on any surface bat-signal style.

    Fun table linen colors or patterns can also add a lot of interest to a room when it's not already ornate, since they take up so much visual space.
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