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30 Days!!!

Wow, where has the time gone?  I'm so excited that it is almost here.  I am feeling pretty good at this point and havn't hit a major point of stress. Yea!!!  I'm looking forward to the end of the school year so that I can finish all my final projects (name cards, tracking town RSVP's, table numbers, assembling favors, contacting vendors).  Is there anything else I should be doing at this point?  I just feel like I am going to miss something big. 

Re: 30 Days!!!

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    have a beautiful and blessed wedding :)  best wishes for your last few projects!  I'm majorly impressed that you've been balancing wedding planning with school!  As I'm a year out still, I can't offer any advice about dealing with the near wedding day stress except sharing the tasks with others and a good glass of red wine!
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    YAY!  CONGRATS!!!   I know the feeling that you're going to miss somehting big.  I am still 9+ mos out but I keep having dreams that it's time for the ceremony to start and I haven't gotten my hair done, or we forgot to pick out & buy BM dresses..  Lol.   I think it's just stress - you've got everything covered I'm sure!!!!    =)

    ENJOY!!  =D
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