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Hi all! I don't often post on this board because although I live here, we are getting married in Chicago. My fiance and I are looking to take a few dance lessons in the Overland Park/Kansas City area. Any suggestions of places would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance!

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    united dance is in kc mo... off of wornall... Nalia's is in shawnee Miller Marley is good but idk how you would like it for just a few lessons. they are more competition style.Starstruck is around here but I have never been to that one.And of course there's Amore dance.Personally I would think you would have the best luck with United Dance or Amore dance. I used to work with a teacher from Amore dance that taught zumba at our gym. They kind of specialize in more of a fun yet couple styled dances...If you want something a little more elegant I would go see Amber at United Dance. She does Lyrical there. She is just super graceful and I like her style. She is usually open for individual dance lessons as well.HTH!
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