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2000 Grand Reception- Ceremony?

I am considering relocating to 2000 grand for my reception. If anyone is having their reception (or had) I would love to hear your feedback and where did you have your ceremony??


Re: 2000 Grand Reception- Ceremony?

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    I looked at 2000 Grand for my ceremony & reception (as a displaced Stowe bride), and was concerned about where I would get ready. To my knowledge, after checking out the space, the only spot I would have is the women's restroom. It might not be a big deal, but just something I thought about.

    The space is beautiful though! I love the view of the downtown KC skyline.
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    I checked it out too but we decided on Boulevard Brewery (still great view of the skyline and you get all you need in one pretty package...beer, wine, AV, dance floor, tables, chairs, etc.  We only have to contract for things like a caterer, DJ, cake, and linens which has made this process easy). My concerns with 2000 Grand was for my 150 person reception, it didn't seem like a large enough space and the ceilings were a bit low.  Another option that has very similar packages to 2000 Grant is the event space above Nara in downtown KC.  You still get great views of Kansas City skyline and similar costs...however, it feels more open because it has very high ceilings and great windows.  
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    I wouldn't do it! I just had my reception there and was very disapointed! It was incredibly hot and some of my older realatives had to leave early becasue of it! They tried to help by putting out large industrial fans but they were ugly. Also the elevator broke towards the end of the night and they were not apologetic or did they offer any help with guest who had disabilites! On top of that managment was extremly rude and there was a lack of communication about the elevator! For the price you can go somewhere else that will treat you much better!
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