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Had to change our date. Bummer! :(

We had our date picked out, everything was good untill FIL's had an "issue" with our choice. So instead of starting a lot of drama we decided to make the change. New date is 11-11-11! (hope it is lucky!) It is a Friday and I have heard that many vendors give discounts for Fridays and Sundays. Has anyone had any experience with something like this? Would love some input about attendance at a Friday wedding, vendor discounts, etc.  TIA !

Re: Had to change our date. Bummer! :(

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    Are your FIL's paying for the wedding? If so, I know you are probably trying to "keep the peace" but unless it was a major conflict, I don't think I would be changing the date for just anything. So things you just have to put your foot down on.

    Yes, you can get better rates on Friday's vs a Saturday wedding. We got married on a Saturday, so I can't help you much there.
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    As far as discounts go i would think you would get a better deal on a friday but the problem is with the date being 11-11-11 im sure a lot of other people will be getting married that day as well. 

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    That is a cool date to have :)

    You have 2 things going for you - it's friday and it's november, usually the first month of wedding 'off season'.   

    When it comes to discounts, the only vendor you can kind of expect is the reception location (which may also include the bar).  Most other vendors (caterer, photographer, DJ, florist, etc) usually have the same rate no matter the date (because they typically have other 'options' of business, like catering business events, photographing families/seniors, etc), or their product doesn't change price because of the time of year (like the florist).

    That all said, you can ask vendors when you start scoping around, just don't think they're unrealistic if they say no.

    Good luck with all the planning :)  Oh, and check out your 'month board' on the knot.  I had a lot of fun on mine (october '10), since the whole gang is around the steps of planning at the same time.  

  • fallbride'10fallbride'10 member
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    We're getting married Friday Nov. 12 and we got a discount at our reception venue. The regular room rental fee was $800 and we got it for free for having it on a Friday!! I'd just ask your vendors if they do Friday/off season discounts.
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  • sep72fendrsep72fendr member
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    The only difference with mine being on a Friday vs a Saturday was a different food and bev minimum. Ours was only 8K rather than 12.5K. Have fun!
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    I had always heard that if you get married on a Friday that it didn't cost as much as it would on a Saturday or a Sunday.  Not sure how true it is because I never planned a wedding in a church or venue before now.
    You would need to call around to places that you think you may want to have your wedding and reception and see what they say.
    Goodluck with everything and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
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    Thank you for all your input ladies! I was rather upset at first but am dealing with it, and honestly, the FIL's have a good reason for not wanting us to have our wedding on the original date of 10-15-11. But again, thank you for your kind words and advice!  :)
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    Welcome to the 11/11/11 club. I am also getting married that date.

    I have found that the DJ's and minimum with different caterers/venues are less. All the other vendors have been about the same.
  • myheartpoohmyheartpooh member
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    Congrats 2 U

    Ur Fil's r smart because at that time of the year as well as having it on a Friday will give u great discounts.That will save both u and them 100 to 1000's of dollars according 2 ur budget so that maybe you'll be able 2 have those little extras that was in ur head but not really possible because of ur budget.

    I hope this makes u feel better.
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