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I think I get high off seeing RSVP envelopes in the mailbox....

Lmao. No but really. Seeing 6 envelopes in the mailbox today makes me so happy!! We've gotten 19 cards back so far since mailing them out last Tuesday and they've all been yes so far :) 
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Re: I think I get high off seeing RSVP envelopes in the mailbox....

  • I feel the same way about getting an email notification that someone has RSVP's through our website :)
  • It really is fun! All my RSVPs are already in since we only had like 15 to get back. And I'm sad there are no more to get back now!
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  • It is fun.  I get pissy on the drive home from work in the traffic, but then I think "ooh, RSVPs might be in the mail!" That makes me happy.  We only have a few cards still out there, 7 or 8 I think.
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  • I haven't gotten any back in 2 weeks or so. I get a little depressed when I open my mailbox and find it empty. All this anticipation and then....nothing.
  • I think we got 15 back in the first week.  They're trickling in about 2-3/day now.  I've decided that I don't like Wednesdays, though.  I didn't get any yesterday or last Wednesday.  I think it's the lag from people that put them in the mail on Sundays and they don't go out till Monday.  That's my incredibly scientific hypothesis.
  • Whoo hoo!  I can't wait to get mine back, people started receiving the invites yesterday, hopefully they send in their RSVP's ASAP!
  • Ours are trickling in since we sent them. I received a lot back the first week since then it has been like every other day. Our rsvp date is march 8 and we are still waiting to hear back from a lot of people!
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  • Ugh...none today, either.  Lame.
  • I agree! It's like a little gift in the mail each day! Except when they're rejections haha. Most of our No answers were expected, but some are just completely random and the reasons seem lame. Whatevs. Just hoping everyone answers their RSVPs and I don't have to track down anyone, plus hoping we don't have any last minute surprises!
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  • My mailbox stalking has just begun! I mailed the invites on Monday and received the first one yesterday already :)
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    I totally agree, getting the mail at night is my little pick me up. We sent out our invites on February 16th and we've received 40 responses, only 108 to go!! Our deadline is March 22nd so those pokey people better get going haha!
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