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Stupid Envelopes

I had all of these plans.  I kinda totally hate calligraphy.  Plus, paying someone to write seems silly to me.  I intended to just run my envelopes through the printer and make them perty that way.  Somehow I didn't think about how think the paper would be after adding the liner (duh).  So, clearly my printer couldn't feed them.  Next, I decided to go for clear lables.   I, of course, bought the wrong ones and the ink wiped right off after printing.  Not wanting to spend another dime on them, I decided to just suck it up and handwrite them.   They're not the best.... but I figure everyone will toss the envelopes anyway.  BTW, anyone who decides to do their own addresses - HAVE EXTRA ENVELOPES.  ugh. done. whatever.
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Re: Stupid Envelopes

  • Christine9866Christine9866 member
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    Hang in there! You will be relieved when they are out!
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  • Lol, yes!  I asked FMIL to order 25 extra envelopes(we could only order them in increments of 25).  Apparently she ordered 25 extra of everything but okay, whatever.

    I finished my outer envelopes yesterday and I definitely only had about 8 extras when all was said and done :-P

    Props to you for doing them by hand!  It's rare to see that nowadays and I'm sure every recipient that takes a close look will say, "Wow, better her than me!" at least that's what I kept telling myself over the weekend.

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  • Don' t give me too much credit on doing them by hand... I didn't want to.  I think they look silly.. oh well!
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    Green Tree Country Club

    New Rochelle, NY

  • Aw, good for you for getting them done! What a pain! No one will think they look silly.
  • I feel your pain!  I spent most of one night cursing my printer when I decided to print my own RSVP envelopes.  Thank goodness we're having a small wedding and I only had to do 40, but I ended up using almost 60 envelopes because my printer was being a *bleep.*  lol

    You're right - nobody is going to care about the envelopes and they'll be in the trash before you can blink your eye.  *HUGS*  At least that part is over and you can move on to other things that will go your way.
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  • Yeah, addresseing envelopes sucks!  I bought return address labels to put on the outside and just hand wrote the person's name and address.  I also put an envelope seal on the back that say's Amber and Scott's Wedding!  April 18th 2013.  So I figured that even if the addresses looked crappy (although my handwriting is pretty good) people would see past that and think it still looked cute.  The invitations are super cute as well, so I am not too worried.  It saved money!  Envelopes go in the trash.  Not a big deal!
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  • Thank god my mother has beautiful handwriting and will address my envelopes for me!
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