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Pain in the shower!

As in, this upcoming shower of mine is a pain in the butt. It's too bad it's this weekend, because it's the same day as my aunt's funeral so my mom and I can't go to that because it was too late notice to change the whole shower, because the funeral is in Oregon so we'd have to take the whole weekend to go. And my friend is gone on a cruise so she can't make it. Plus it's the day one of my maid of honor's is moving, so she'll just be frantic. Thankfully the shower is small- 11 people, so that makes it easier. Not to mention, FI talked to his sister last night, who said she was coming in a text to me, but never RSVPd and ignored my MOH emails asking her, but now is saying she may not make it because she's had a dinner planned for a few months that same night. And she's tired because of a trip she went on, when she got back over a week ago. Whatever FSIL, whatever. That hurt my feelings, no lie. If she makes it great, if not- well let's just say, she's continuing to dig her own grave when it comes to her relationship with FI and me! Ok. Thanks for listening to my vent!
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Re: Pain in the shower!

  • Sucky!!!  Showers are stressful, huh?  They should not be, but mine already is too.  Sorry about your Aunt :(

    You will still have a nice shower FSIL is there or not.  Are you doing a bachelorette party or night out after?
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  • Aw, I hope everything goes well. Sorry there's so much going on making it more stressful :(
  • I am sorry for your loss. :(

    Things will work okay, try not to worry about them too much. Focus on the positives and keep on smiling
  • Yeah- I will and I know it will still be a lot of fun, but it was just yet another thing to bum me out. But the cake will be yummy and my closest friends there. And we are doing a girls night in bachelorette after the shower (the moms are heading home) and doing pizza and games and other stuff they have planned I guess, so that will be fun! Plus my brother and his family are coming to town for it so I get to spend time with my nieces. And FI will be in Vegas for his bachelor party this weekend, so it's like a me weekend at home too. So those are my positives! And thanks about my aunt. I am really bummed I can't be there because she was a fav. aunt, but I think we are going to go up there this summer and celebrate her life with them more privately.
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  • I'm sorry for the loss of your aunt, and the fact that you can't make it to her funeral.  That has to be hard.

    As for your FSIL, forget her.  The way I see it, the people who love you the most will come and that's what matters.  Go into the shower as happy as a lark and you will have a great time.  If you go in all mad and hurt, the shower will be a flop.  Make it a point to say to yourself that it's going to be a GREAT party, and it will be.
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