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April 2013 Weddings

Major Checks this Weekend- Meet with Minister/hair&makeup trail

My fiance and I  met with our minister for our Pittsburgh "destination" wedding. We decided since we are having a beer made for our wedding by a local brewer, to also have a beer ceremony (instead of a wine ceremony) at our ceremony. We will mix a dark stout beer with a light beer for a "black and tan". We are also having my sister do a reading that I found online that compares beer to a love filled happy marriage. It starts off like this :" Water is the essence of life, but when water is combined with grains, hops and yeast, the outcome is glorious beer. So too shall be the product of your union....."

I also had my hair and makeup trail, which went amazing! 

145 days to go! :D
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Re: Major Checks this Weekend- Meet with Minister/hair&makeup trail

  • Can I come to your beer wedding?  That sounds awesome!  I did my hair trial this weekend too!  I loved it but it's way more expensive than I expected, even for my bridesmaids.  But, I really want them to all get their hair done, so I'm just picking up the tab... 

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    Green Tree Country Club

    New Rochelle, NY

  • Haha! It will definitely be interesting! I have never seen this done before, but we think it will turn out great! I know what you mean about costs...ugh. My hair alone will be $250 ( but I am getting a full weave, lol) and the bridesmaids are paying $40. I am paying for their makeup though- I got a package deal for everyone including me for $360! ( Its a steal, but ask me after the fact if it was worth spending all this money! LOL)  Good luck with the planning!
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  • Man oh man am i glad i went to beauty school and have lots of friends in the industry now!! I could not imagine spending that on my hair for my wedding (well mostly becaue i could probably do it myself)  but weaves are so so expensive but they look amazing!!! Glad you girls liked your hair!! Lets see some pictures!
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  • I forgot to take a picture of my hair :( But here is my makeup (pre hair weave lol)
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