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XP- Incredibly touched

My dad just called to let me know I had a few packages that got delivered to their house today. We started talking about the wedding and everything and he goes "I know his (FI's) mom and dad are covering the band and that we can't really, you know, help out money wise or anything but I mean we can try. We could scrape together a little something. I can give up my snacks for a few months if you want". It took all I had to tell him that wasn't necessary and to wait until I got off the phone to start crying. My dad loves his snacks a whole lot so him being willing to give them up to help out is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever offered to me. Sorry, I'm a sap I know. I blame it on the hormones right now.

(Background on my parents, my mom works two crappy jobs and my dad one crappy job just for them to get by)
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Re: XP- Incredibly touched

  • OMG, no I am also tearing up right now too. My family doesn't have a lot of money either, never has. I remember going a year as a kid without any christmas for example. So this really touches me. That was so super sweet of your dad. 
  • Your dad is a good guy, reading this game me warm fuzzies. It's the little things...
  • Aw very sweet. You're very lucky to have a dad like that :)
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  • That is sweet :)

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  • Aw this brought a tear to my eye too, I would be the same way. You're very blessed, my dad was and is never around.. He loves me to death but he's just a deadbeat and never had anything to offer.. It's a complicated situation. Drugs and alcohol may explain it. Never take it for granted.. That's very sweet
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  • Awww, that is really touching and I would have been totally bawling my eyes out.
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