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sad news

My grandpa passed away this morning.  He was going to turn 90 later this month and was not in good health so it's not a surprise but still really sad. That side of the family has been constantly bickering over his medical care and the funeral planning was worse. My aunt started complaining to my dad about me having such a small wedding and how Im just awful for alienating the family (family the barely sees or speaks to me and didn't even bother to congratulate me on my engagement) so inappropriate.  This is why I have nothing to do with those people. FIs bachelor party is this weekend so im pretty much on my own. 
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Re: sad news

  • I'm so sorry! Sending hugs!
  • I am so sorry for your loss. He is in a place where he can feel no more pain.
  • I am so sorry, sending hugs!
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  • So sorry to hear that! :(

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  • I am so sorry about your grandfather. I lost my grandma in October and my step grandfather in December. He will be with you on your day though. Don't listen to your aunt. My grandma's sister started all this drama and now she hardly speaks to us. Ignore the drama (I know it's hard) and take comfort in knowing your grandfather is at peace. Lots of hugs and prayers your way!
  • Sorry about your loss *hugs*
  • Hugs and Prayers! Sorry for your loss dear
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    I'm not in the same family situation, but I'm very sorry for your loss. FI's grandmother is in very ill health, though she will probably make it to the wedding. We're hoping she is there to hold her first great-grandchild, but it's a very long shot as we're not pregnant yet. My grandparents passed away when I was very little, so a picture with four generations would mean a lot to me.
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    I'm sorry for your loss :-(   These things are never easy and you're never prepared for it.  Maybe you can find a special way to commemorate him at the wedding this weekend while your FI is away.  Don't worry about your aunt, I'm sure she's speaking with pure emotion and no filter right now to consider anyone else's feelings.

    I lost all of my grandparents by the time I was 13 but I really wish they could be there for my wedding.  FI's grandmothers have offered to adopt me as their grandchild, so bless them for that!  Both are pretty frail, though, so getting them eight hours down the road to the wedding will be pretty difficult. 

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  • I am sorry for your loss. And family can be so difficult. Try to focus on the good stuff.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. No matter how much something isn't a surprise, it always hurts more than you expect. My grandmother had Alzheimer's and by the time she died we had been expecting it and, yes, in a way hoping for it for years. She was no longer verbal or even really that responsive. Still, when she passed, I cried for about three days straight. Even when you're ready, you're never really ready.

    Ignore the family members who are being awful right now. Trust that you made the right decision and you know what's best for you. Also, understand that while they may always be like this, a time of loss is hard on everyone and they may be taking out some of their grief on you. It's not fair, but remember that it's not you, it's them working through their own issues.

    And as others said - focus on the good. Your grandfather will be with you at your wedding in spirit and he won't be in suffering anymore.
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  • ((HUGS)) I'm so sorry for your loss....he will still be looking down on you on your wedding day, I'm sure of it. 

    I lost my great Aunt this morning, she was like another grandmother to me...but I'm taking peace in knowing she's reunited with her husband and her son who died in Vietnam.


  • I'm sorry :( It's hard dealing with sad stuff when it's a happy time in other parts of your life. My aunt just passed and her funeral is Saturday, so I get it. Forget that family giving you a hard time, they are being ridiculous!
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  • In Response to Re: sad news:
    [QUOTE I lost my great Aunt this morning, she was like another grandmother to me...but I'm taking peace in knowing she's reunited with her husband and her son who died in Vietnam.
    Posted by lamoeller[/QUOTE]

    :-(  Sorry for your loss, too.

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  • So sorry for your loss :(  HUGS to you.
    I understand how ur feeling. A good friend passed yesterday, I just talked to her Monday.
    Quite a shock to my heart. I do know she will be there with me in spirit though.

  • Thanks everyone.  Its been rough. 
    Im sorry for your loss Orange.

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