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April 2013 Weddings

Ceremony Programs

Any ideas on programs? Are they nessecary for a short wedding? Also where is a good place to get them done and when should they be created? Thanks!

Re: Ceremony Programs

  • We won't be having them. We're having a laid back beach ceremony and I just don't see them as necessary.

  • I would look on etsy, they have some unique ideas. FI and I are saving the money and not doing programs. Our ceremony is going to be between 15-20 minutes, and on site at our venue.
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  • We're having an outdoor wedding so I'm doing program fans.  I'm DIYing them and I already have the design completed.  I'll probably print them out some time after the holidays.
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  • I would say they're not necessary. We don't plan on having them. Ours will be a short non-religious ceremony, and since we're paying for the wedding ourselves, this was an easy/small thing to cut out of the picture to save money and time.

    If you are having a more formal wedding, or really want to highlight everyone in your wedding party and any readers...more power to you :) If you're going to do them, I think it's something you can plan in advance if you are certain of the timing and order of events...but can also be done last minute if necessary because they're not crucial (imo) to the day itself.

    I think you could easily DIY them and have them printed at Staples or something. The "Invites and Paper" national board may be more helpful for ideas and places to buy them or have them made.
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  • I'm doing ours on a picture frame turned chalkboard ;)
  • Our ceremony should be pretty short but we have 7 BMs and 6 GMs. We just designed ours together using PowerPoint. It took about 3 hrs total but the programs will look like passports since we are doing a travel theme. We stole an image of a passport, changed the colors to suit our wedding colors, changed the eagle you typically see to a compass and took away USA and put the venue name and date there instead. Substitutions were made by copying blank background space using the paint program and pasting it over existing words on the original passport image. We then used text boxes in PowerPoint to display what we wanted. On the insidesecond PowerPoint slide, we used a clip art image of the inside stamp pages of a passport and then typed up all of the info. They look awesome and the design is free!

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  • I bought some cardstock and a bone folder, and I'm planning on doing my own. You can buy blank programs and print them yourself, but it's even cheaper to buy your own cardstock and print AND fold them yourself. I'm designing them in GIMP (free image software--like photoshop), and printing them out on an inkjet.
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  • We are not doing them.  I don't think thy are necessary at all.  They are nice, but they were easy to cut for us, saving us time and money.
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  • I haven't even thought about them at all. Our ceremony will only be about 15-20 minutes long, and I don't think we're having any readings or special music or anything. So I don't really know if it's necessary.
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