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Ceremony help!

Hello, my FI and I have been looking at wedding venues however we just cant seem to find one we like. we want a church wedding but he is catholic and I christian. Neither of us want to convert since neither of us 1. belong to a church and 2. are not religious by any means. We dont have any issue with finding a reception venue. We like the feel of a church wedding.. high celings, pews, more the formality of it. We are not to happy about the conference room converted into a ceremony look. Any suggestions? columbus area only please.

Re: Ceremony help!

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    I can't be much help but you might want to check out the Gahanna Sanctuary. It's an old churh converted to a banquet facility. I don't know much about it but have read about it on this board. HTH Good luck!

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    Have you looked into Boma in downtown Columbus?  It used to be a church so it has the high ceilings and the look of a church.  It also used to be a club, but now it's strictly an event space.
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    I've heard that St.Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Victorian Village is very progressive and the pastor will marry you in a brief ceremony. bonus is they don't have a saturday pm mass so you won't have the dreaded catholic gap between ceremony and reception.
    i've also heard that some of the columbus athanaeum's rooms are great for a church-like feel.
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    I've been to the Gahanna Sanctuary and St. Francis, both are really nice. St. Francis is absolutely beautiful!
  • osumegsosumegs member
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    I agree with PP about the Athanaeum's room. One of my friends got married there last spring and it looked like a chapel. 
  • molly12oumolly12ou member
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    I agree, I was married in the Priory at the Athenaeum and called it "church like" to our friends.  
  • AlliD11AlliD11 member
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    I just went to a wedding at BOMA, it was really nice. It had all the feel of a church, but was so much more interesting and beautiful!
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