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City Park Brides and catering

Hello everyone. We are getting married at City Park in the Garden Study/ Lath House area next year and I am starting to really question using City Park Catering. We went to the tasting and were not thrilled by the food that comes with our package. I have read a lot about City Park on here and everyone raves about the food so I shrugged it off.  We could add some extra stations for quite a bit of extra money per person so we kept that as an option. We hadn't really considered using an outside caterer because we would need to rent tables and chairs etc and pay an outside catering fee and it just adds a lot of hassle. But as time goes on I am realizing that we are going to get charged for so many little things (like having enough chairs for everyone to sit (they only provide 60!), having china and glassware, etc) and its really starting to tick me off.  Is anyone else feeling this way? I called a caterer today just to ask about a menu and she said I was the THIRD City Park bride to call her today. 
Thanks for any advice :) 
Just for a reference I think we are paying 55 pp for heavy passed h'ors d'ouerves, full bar, and cake with coffee service plus 20% grat and 9.75% sales tax. 

Re: City Park Brides and catering

  • Just sent you a private message.
  • I would like to hear more about this as well. i am having my wedding there in October and feeling similarly. Would you mind sharing who you called and the prices you were quoted. You can PM me if necessary. 
  • Hi there - we're slated to be married in the gardens in April and have some of the same concerns. Also, the sales staff has been unresponsive and, at times, donwright rude.

    My fiance and I love the gardens and wouldn't put up with the trouble if it weren't such a beautiful location. We would love any advice or learnings from your experiences that could help us have a slightly easier time. 

    Thanks so very much in advance. 
  • Well we are looking into other catering options but are still on the fence. There is a $5 per person outside catering charge and City Park retains all beverage rights. They also don't provide tables or chairs if you use an outside caterer. We are an OOT couple and we have very very hectic work schedules so I just don't know if I want the extra stress of coordinating more vendors. I also don't want to be pushed into wedding food that I really don't like. 
    I contacted Pigeon catering and they have been very helpful and will probably be able to work within our budget. We are going to go for a tasting and see if we are happier with their food. I just know I need to be ready to hunt down tables, chairs, linens, a cake(!!), coffee service etc. if we go with them.
    In defense of the city park folks...I think they are extremely busy and probably become more responsive as your wedding day gets closer (well that's what I've read on here anyway...). 

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