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June Wedding Vendor Reviews...

Hi ladies... I just got married in NOLA and I found the reviews on these boards REALLY HELPFUL in planning it, so here are my reviews:

Photographers: Langiappe Studios A++
I got an extremely artistic portfolio of still photos not only on disc, but put to motion in a music video and I used them as well for getting a video of the wedding. We got the most beautiful shots of every little detail of the day of the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and the reception. I wanted a more artistic, short video that I would actually watch again, and that's exactly what I got. They can do the typical longer form video with the typical, speeches and such as well. It's just not what I wanted. They're a new company and they did a fantastic job for me. Easiest place to find them is on facebook. They're still creating a website.

Venue: Mike's on the Avenue -- A
It's a restaurant that we bought out for our reception. It's a beautiful space that looks like an art gallery. We wanted additional seating and they made it happen. It made the capacity of the space a lot less... but it was worth it to give all the family members seats who needed them. The food was great, even their call brand liquor was good and they were easy to work with.

LImos: VIP Transport -- A
I negotiated prices by getting quotes from a bunch of limo companies and played them off each other. VIP ended up giving us the best deal. Their limos weren't the newest I've ever seen, but the drivers were on time, really nice and given that we were only in the limos a total of fifteen minutes, it was perfect.

Cake: Haydels A+
I wanted a very simple cake with flowers on top. Haydels is a staple in New Orleans, and they are reasonably priced. The cake was beatiful, delicious and delivered on time. I highly recommend them. The only warning is that they're in Old Jefferson and do charge a delivery fee to bring a cake to New Orleans.

Make Up Artist: Betsy Boone A++
Betsy made me look more glamorous than I could ever have imagined. She does work with TV shows and the movies, and after seeing myself and my mom the day of the wedding, I can understand why. She is absolutely worth every penny you pay her. She brings her own chair to wherever you're getting ready and is super sweet. Her website is www.betsyboonemakeup.com. I highly recommend her!

DJ: Rock It Productions A+
We wanted our wedding to be one big party, so we decided to go with a DJ. John with Rock It Productions was fantastic. Everyone at the wedding danced all night. He played exactly what we wanted and really knew how to work the crowd. His prices are reasonable and you can get different levels of the DJ's who work for him. We were so glad we hired John. He really made the wedding a blast. His website is www.rockitpro.info.

Favors: Hubig's Custom Pies A++
These were a HUGE hit. They're delicious and people loved that they could grab a couple of them at the door. Plus, you have to pick them up a couple of days in advance at their Marigny factory, and it made my entire condo smell like apple pie for two days! They're also just a little more than a buck a favor which was exactly the right price for us.

I hope this helps!! I know reading everyone else's did for my planning purposes.

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