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Wedding Pic Blogged!!! Yay!!

Lol- I know, I know, its one pic.  But its my first one back, a sneak peek from my photog- so humor me!! 

Re: Wedding Pic Blogged!!! Yay!!

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    GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more.
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    So pretty! Where did you get his tie????
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    Perlis on Magazine!  The tie is a Vineyard Vines made just for Perlis.  All of the ties have slate blue fleur de lis on them, so my husband wore a navy background one, the guys wore yellow background and my dad wore a light green background.  We gave them as a groomsman gift, and I can actually say that I have seen all the groomsmen at other events since the wedding sport the tie! 
    It worked out well, the guys were coordinated- but I like having the groom with a small/different detail, so that people know which one he is in pictures when lined up with all of the other groomsmen!
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