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Bridesmaid brunch day in New Orleans, ideas?

Hi ladies, some help please. I am going to New Orleans for a bridesmaid brunch day. I thought about going to the Ritz for the spa, maybe massages or nails or something and then i was going to book the afternoon tea at the Ritz. But, as luck would have it the only day we can do it is also a childrens tea day or something like that. So....having my bridesmaid brunch or tea during a childrens day isnt really my idea of a bridesmaid day. Does anyone have any suggestions where i could take the girls after a day at the spa? Id like somewhere cute and nice something like the tea idea at the Ritz. A nice lunch or brunch with cocktails. And does anyone have reviews about the spa at the Ritz? thanks so much for your help!!!

Re: Bridesmaid brunch day in New Orleans, ideas?

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    You could always have tea at Windsor Court.  Otherwise I love brunch at Brennan's.
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    I agree with PP. Tea at the Windsor Court is really nice.
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    I took my girls for a bridesmaids luncheon at Commander's Palace.  It was awesome.  They gave us a private room on the 2nd floor, decorated the table with flowers and balloons and provided great service all around.  I had a lot of out of town girls, and they really loved it.  The food at Commander's is awesome and they have nice cocktails too. 

    I have been to the spa at the Ritz several times, but I didn't do any events there.  It is a very nice spa -  I think it is a bit overpriced for things like manicures and pedicures but their massage therapists are excellent and very well trained. 
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