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Louisiana-New Orleans

Latrobe's on Royal or Broussard's

Hi Ladies-

We are looking at both Latrobe's on Royal and Broussard's for our reception, I was wondering if anyone has recently hosted or attended a wedding at either location?  If so, what did you think???

Re: Latrobe's on Royal or Broussard's

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    Two totally different vibes- where you would have all of Latrobes, you have a part of Broussards.  Brousdsard is known for their gorgeous courtyard, but that can also depend on the weather and if you are going to tent it or not. 
    Another thing that was huge when I was looking- was that Broussards told me they would only do consumption alchol- and our friends are drinkers/partiers and that scared me.  But....another fellow NOLA Knottie let us know that she had negoatiated a package deal on alcohol for her reception.  I do prefer Broussards to Latrobes based on layout and not needing a ton of decorations at Broussards.  Latrobes just felt like it needed a ton of decorations and flowers that werent in our budget.
    Latrobes in the end wound up not being what we wanted, and then it turned our Broussards was too small for our ever-expanding guest list- we finally decided on Muriels, which was a great move for us. 

  • themegtthemegt
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    We are having our wedding at Broussards in April and are doing an alcohol package and not paying by consumption.  I fell in love with the courtyard, and they have been easy to work with so far. Good luck with your decision!
  • mkodowdmkodowd
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    Thank you both for the info!  I am an out of town bride and have been doing all of my research so far online...I really excited to NOLA in Feb and see these places in person!

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    I am a local budget bride. I too am looking at Broussards for my intimate 40-person ceremony and wedding. I have a budget of 6K. I will talk to them tomorrow and see if I've finally found a winner.
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    We had our wedding at Broussard's this past November.  We loved it, our photos are gorgeous, all the guests loved it.  It was perfect for our small wedding of 40 people...but yes, our guests drank way mroe than we expected and we had sticker shock in the morning.  Total deal for courtyard rental, food and alcohol was about $5800!  It was worth it though, the the food and service was impeccable.  Also, you can't beat the ambiance and location.  Though Cheryl, the catering manager is a bit scattered and bossy...just stand your ground with what you want and she'll give it to you.  I wouldn't let her coordiante anything for you but the food and alcohol.
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