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Hey Ladies!

I am an OOT bride planning my 75 person March 2012 wedding, and I need some help deciding on venues. Photos from both venues look great. Has anyone been to a wedding at Bourbon Orleans’ St. Ann Cottage or a wedding at the Inn on Bourbon?

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    I haven't been to a wedding at either but we're getting married at the Bourbon Orleans Ballroom and visited the St. Ann Cottage a few times during the planning process.  We are having a sit-down plated dinner and didn't see how you could possibly have 10 tables and a dance floor in the space but if you're doing buffet style with fewer tables then it could work.  The courtyard is small (about 20x24 maybe) but very charming, and you really get the use of 3 connected spaces: the courtyard, a small rectangular room on the side (where you would probably set up food stations), the courtyard and the main room.

    Also, I don't know if it matters but there is no internal entrance to the St. Anne's from within the hotel.  You have to go outside and enter from the side.

    Hope you're going to get a chance to go visit venues before you decide-- I would have found it impossible to choose from photos alone, and you get some first-hand knowledge about things you might not consider in the abstract.

    Good Luck!
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