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Acme Oyster House

I was wondering if any of you local ladies could give me any insight to the Acme Oyster House? I'm wanting to do the reception there, and just wanted to be certain that the food was good and atmosphere was fun. 

We are doing a very casual/rock n roll reception. So we don't want anything fancy or uptight. 
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Re: Acme Oyster House

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    Acme is pretty small, but I totally concur that it would be a blast.  It is very laid back.  We looked into it for our Rehearsal Dinner, but it didn't hold enough people on the 2nd floor.

    I am so jealous of the ladies who used the RockNBowl- have you seen that place?!!  And, I have heard its reasonable enough in price that most Knotties had enough left over in their budget to hire transportation from the ceremony to the RockNBowl.
  • zoopsiedaisyzoopsiedaisy member
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    We had my brother's 30th birthday there and it was soooo much fun!!  It is laid back, the food is great and as far as I know they were easy to work with.
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    the new rock n bowl is pretty amazing,  its gorgeous inside.  
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    You should check out the House of Blues! That would be a great Rock n' Roll wedding spot.
  • stephrubiastephrubia member
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    We're having our ceremony at the HOB Parish Room.  They have been excellent with planning and the room is gorgeous!
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