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Michael's Catering in New Orleans

Hey all! Still in the early stages of planning my wedding and looking into caterers. Does anyone have any experience with Michael's Catering in New Orleans? I've heard conflicting reviews so I thought I'd ask the experts :) 

Re: Michael's Catering in New Orleans

  • I actually hadn't heard of them at all and I've been to a bunch of local weddings (take that for what it's worth).

    That said, I can highly recommend Pigeon Catering. 
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    Hmmm...yeah, I haven't come across anyone who's heard of them! Kind of worrisome. But the woman I talked to on the phone was so great, and they just seem so flexible and willing to work with my budget and needs. Leap of faith I guess!
  • If you feel comfortable with them and you do a thorough interview you should go with your gut. Just because no one has heard of them doesn't mean they're not good. 
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