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Louisiana-New Orleans

Good bar in the French Quarter for Welcome Drinks?

Hello lovely brides,

I am looking for a good bar in the French Quarter to host our Welcome Drinks on a Thursday night before the wedding.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

We are expected about 60 people and about 80% of them are out-of-towners, so I'm looking for a place with a great ambiance that is fun for both 20- and 30-somethings, as well as parents and grandparents.

Thank you!!

Re: Good bar in the French Quarter for Welcome Drinks?

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    Welcome to my last 2 weeks...our people are coming in this weekend and FI and I have been racking our brains for a good spot to meet up with everyone and we just can't think of the perfect place (and we are locals!)  Our main problem though, is that we didn't want to book something somewhere...seemed like too much $$ and hassle, just wanted something informal where people who were interested in coming out could just show up...and it's difficult to think of a place where a large group can just waltz in, unless you go outside the Quarter, which is then not convenient for guests...

    Are you looking to actually buy a 'package' and reserve space somewhere?  If so, I'd say try Pat O's.  As a local, it's one of the few places on Bourbon St. that I will actually go to...their courtyard is gorgeous.  For that many people, you'd want to reserve space b/c it can get packed.

    Sorry to hear about your experience w/ Monteleone...I hope they gave you your deposit back if they cancelled on you!  We have room blocks there for this weekend and I have to say I'm not super-thrilled with their OOT gift bag policy :(
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    Hi Ladies,

    Sorry for the situation the Monteleone has put you in.  I am a local as well.  We aren't doing welcome drinks because most of our guests are local, but we are going to Touche after our reception at Tipitina's on Decatur.  Touche is a small bar on St. Louis & Royal St. (part of the Omni Royal Orleans).  When you first walk in it looks TINY, but down 4 or 5 stairs there is a big room lined with black & gold fleur de lis embroidered padded bench seating and tables.  It's a nice room and it's never busy.  We all met there on Halloween and no one was in there.  It's the only decent bar in the French Quarter that I know you can take over on a Thursday night.  Good luck!
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    WE did our welcome drinks at Pat O's for about 130 people and we did not have to rent a thing. We just sort of took over the patio section and it was amazing. I made drink tickets and Pat O's just put the drinks on our tab. It was so much fun and people to this day talk about how awesome it was.
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    Update: The Monteleone has recently offered the use of their rooftop suite for our Welcome Drinks, since the Carousel Bar is not available. Luckily, so far this has seemed to solve our problems.
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