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New Year's Eve Wedding Logistics

Hi everyone!

I'm kind of new here.  I'm from the UK but I live in Canada currently and my fiance's family is from New Orleans but he's working in France right now.  I've been reading here for a while and gathered some good intel but I haven't seen anyone else mention a New Year's Eve wedding in the French Quarter.  Anyone have any experience or thoughts about that? 

We have a lot of time until 2014 and I know being New Years it will be a bit more expensive for some things but is there anything else I should be concerned about? We're not willing to change the date because it really does just work out perfectly for us and some of our really important guests coming from oversees who can only get that time off but I'm just wondering if there's anything else I need to plan for besides higher prices. As if that isn't enough, lol


Re: New Year's Eve Wedding Logistics

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    I think it could work and that would be amazing. Fireworks show at no cost! The only thing i would do is start checking now to see which venues have yearly new years eve events, to see what is and isn't an option. If its in the budget I would hire a local planner to assist since you are quite a bit away. Maybe some of his family could help do footwork too, if a planner isn't in the budget. I am using weddingsbylulu, by the way, and she is fantastic and affordable. Overall, though I think its a really cool idea, and you definitey won't have to worry about any hurricanes for new years! Wink
  • I went to a New Year's Eve wedding last year, and it was nice, but a lot of people thought it was inconvenient. Everyone that was young stayed till the end, but those with kids left pretty early because they wanted to be home for midnight. They rented out a parking lot, but it wasn't large enough for all the guests. Some people went to the ceremony but couldn't find a parking spot downtown at the reception and left, while others were outraged that they had to pay inflated ridiculous amounts to park. Then some were stuck in parking garages after and couldn't get out because of all the new years eve road closures. I enjoyed it because I don't usually have regular New Years plans so it was like a big party, but others who usually go to the same New Years party every year either didn't come or left early. I know some things were a lot cheaper for the bride because of the holiday and some were way more expensive. Also, how are you planning on leaving the reception? A lot of people like to do carriage rides to leave weddings downtown, but just so you know, you can't use a carriage on new years because the horses are scared of the fireworks. I'm sure everything will work out! Good luck!
  • NYE weddings are often expected to go big or go home. Top shelf open bar, live band, plated meal, etc. I've never been to Nola on. Ewvtears eve, but I imagine the quarter and downtown will be packed. Like pp mentioned, hard to find and high parking rates. I would definitely look into one of the hotels so your guests wouldn't have to worry about that. I imagine catering and music prices would be through the roof on that day, but who knows.
  • Thanks for all the insights!  We're expecting everyone local to stay overnight so getting out of the area on the night of, shouldn't be a problem.  That being said, the vast majority of guests will be from out of town anyhow.  And it will be adults only so we've got that covered. @Zero, I think you're right about plated meal so thanks for pointing that out! @jterra, I think I'd be avoiding the horse and carriage just due to the temperature but thanks! @alarche, brilliant suggestion.  I contacted Lulu with our specifics thinking I'd hear back from her after the holiday weekend but she emailed me today, with a list of a few places that have availability.  Outstanding!  Thanks, ladies.
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