Wedding Gown Cleaning/Preservation

Hi All.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to go to have my gown cleaned and boxed so that I can safely store it.  Also, I have heard from many that I should be able to see and inspect the gown prior to them boxing it because I have heard that many places will box it without cleaning it!  Does anyone have any good suggestions of where to go and the approximate cost of this process?  Thanks so much ladies!

Re: Wedding Gown Cleaning/Preservation

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    edited December 2011
    Check out Columbus Lace.   I had never heard of them before but my seamstress recommended them.  They also have a coupon online-$180 to clean and preserve.  I haven't used them yet but I am just going to have my dress cleaned and I don't think I am going to preserve it.  I have heard some say it's a waste to preserve it-it will be just fine in the bag. 

    Others have recommended Dublin Cleaners. 
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    Thanks so much for the info.  I checked with Dublin Cleaners and they want $245 to clean and preserve it!  I wasn't expecting anywhere near this amount.  I guess I really don't need it preserved.  My seamstress told me my dress was polyester and it most likely would not fade if I just boxed it myself, but it's more for storage issues.  Takes up too much room hanging in the closet!  Thanks so much!
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