Need Self Catering Venue For Btw 100 to 120 people in or near Baltimore.

Hello all, I've been looking through the posts and I'm glad to see brides being very helpful to one another. I live in England  and will be getting married in Baltimore in April 2010. At the moment I'm desperately looking for a reception venue that will seat 150 people and allow me provide by own catering. My budget is Mid range...about $1500 maximum. I'll appreciate suggestions as it hasn't been easy looking for a venue via google. My big sister lives in Baltimore and has been tremendiously helpful in going to view the places but we still havent found a suitable place. I'll be in Baltimore in November to confirm the venue etc with her. Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Need Self Catering Venue For Btw 100 to 120 people in or near Baltimore.

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    Try the Maryland Park and Planning Commission - they have historical/park locations in Montgomery and PG counties. It's not "Baltimore", but most are within an hour drive. We were married at Seneca Creek Lodge in Germantown. Montgomery County: [url][/url] PG County: [url][/url]
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    I am recently engaged in Baltimore, and as such have been looking all over at the area at venues. 1. Right downtown is the 1840's ballroom. It's the fourth floor of an old museaum building that has been restored beautifully. 2. The Walters art museum is beautiful, but there are a lot of rules involved in holding a reception in the museum. Get in touch with them and see if you're ok with all the stipulations. 3. The Cloisters is just outside the city and is tagged as a "castle" in Baltimore, it's on beautiful grounds, down winding roads, so plan on getting transportation for drinking guests. Those are the three that come to the top of my head, but if you let me know what type of place (hotel, mansion, etc) I could probably offer you some more suggestions. I've been to over 20 venues at this point.
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    Hi Sarah, I'm pretty fexible as long as it's a nice venue and can accomodate at least 150 people with the dance floor and buffet table in the same room.

    I'll consider a hotel too as I do have a lot of out of town guests.

    It'll be a wedding reception and a party afterwards at the same venue from about 4pm till 11pm and should allow outside caterers for ethnic weddings. Not more than $2000 though.

    Thank you.

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