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Need Help: Basic Stages of Wedding Planning, Tight Budget

Hello Board and thank you for all  your sage wisdom and stories. This board is truly a godsend.

Thinking of doing a destination wedding and doing an informal reception for folks that cannot make it overseas when we get back.

Question is: other than a personal residence, how can we can a very inexpensive food selection with booze? I don't want to do an American Legion, etc. There must be a venue in the Baltimore area with a reasonable rental rate that allows liquor and to bring in food? Balt City would be great, but anywhere in the area is fine.

Any ideas on how to do cheap food without doing burgers, etc?

Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Need Help: Basic Stages of Wedding Planning, Tight Budget

  • Have you looked at the community halls available through the Columbia Association. Kahler hall is big, and it comes with tables and chairs. The Other Barn is also nice. In Clarksville there is The Gathering Place, which could also work well. Obviously none of these are in the city. Sorry.

    As for cheap food, have you thought about going with a local BBQ place, mexican place, California tortilla/Chipotle/etc. cater? They are often much less expensive than traditional caterers, and make for a more relaxed party vibe.
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    Not sure when you are planning to have this AHR but have you looked into local parks?  I am not sure how it works with alcohol, you may need a permit or such (and hiring a bartender wouldn't be a bad idea because then you aren't liable for underage drinking, the bartender is...I believe).

    As for food I would check with local restaurants or even Wegman's.  They are typically much less expensive then traditional caterers but remember that it will be on you to rent the china and silverware.  Typically less expensive foods that easily feed a crowd are, italian, mexican, and BBQ.

  • If you need wedding is a beautiful dress!

  • Does anyone know anything about this place? Tiffany's East, I cannot believe their prices, so cheap. Wow. I called Atlantic and they said BBQ style for a bottom price of $40, yikes. I am worried.



    Anyone use them or even know anything about them?
  • If you are having an informal affair, you don't need to hire a wedding caterer, there are places that just do BBQ and you can do it for less than $20 if you look around.  For example, I know one place is called This Swine's for You (unsure about prices) but even random local places will cater.  I can't for the life of me remember but I do recall looking at a place that offered BBQ food for like $15 per person.

    Make sure Tiffany East doesn't require you to use their catering, I thought they did and it might not be as cost effective.
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  • Tiffany East is in a very run down looking neighborhood directly next door to a strip club.  I've never been inside to see if it's worth the low prices. I'd go with the "too good to be true" on Tiffany's. 
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