Hairstyling at hotel?

OK, all you married ladies I need some help.

Right now I'm planning to have my hairstylist (lucky me, the wife of one of the GM's is a great stylist!) come to the hotel the morning of the wedding to do my hair and any of my wedding posse who wish to partake. Ideally we could go to her salon, but she lives in Taneytown which is not exactly close to Catonsville!

I think we're being upgraded to a suite, so we should have plenty of room... anyone done this? Did it work out OK?

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    I don't have an answer for you, but I believe SMange did this.  I know a lot of people do it this way! 

    I am having hairi and make up come to our suite, too, for my wedding.  Having hair come around 11 and makeup come around 12/1 I think.  I have 9 BMs, and some have expresed to me that they would prefer to have their regular stylist do their hair, and I am 100% okay with/encouraging this because 10 people (including me!) plus my mom and FMIL is a ton of people to have hair done!  So I'm sort of hoping it'll just be the out-of-towners geting hair done with me and plus my MOH and mom/FMIL.  Makeup is going to be me, my mom, FMIL, MOH and MatronOH for sure, and if anyone else decides for professional make up that's fine, but I know a lot of my girls prefer to do their own.
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    My mom is a hairdresser and did my hair in a suite before the wedding, as well as my bridesmaids and herself.  It worked out great!  As long as there is a mirror, outlets and a table for the curling irons (aka every hotel room) you'll be ok!  It will work out so much better for you to not have to run around town to get gorgeous :)
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    SweetC is right - I did this.  We had hair and makeup done in the suite at the hotel while we were getting ready.  It worked out perfectly.  No one was rushed - we even squeezed in an extra makeup application and a hair redo.  It was beyond relaxing and made everything so easy.  No one had to travel or worry about traffic.  

    Since I stayed at the hotel the night before, I just told all of the girls, and my aunt and MIL, when to get to get to the hotel - we had breakfast room service and hung out while getting all prettied.  I would highly recommend doing this.
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