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Hello, hope everyone is doing well.  I am getting married in just a few short weeks and we are planning on having a slide show at our rehearsal dinner.  We are putting together a bunch of old photos of the two of us but they need to be scanned in to the computer.  Has anyone ever used one of the online photo scanning services to scan their photos instead of doing it by hand?  Thanks in advance for any information- I think its going to take me days to scan all of the photos in myself, so any advice is much appreciated.

Re: photo scanning services

  • edited December 2011 developed and scanned my film to post online. I made a slideshow of vaction photos a while back. Looked good on the web. Any local minilab should be able to scan too. I've had good results at Ritz -- though I don't know if they're even still around. Didn't they go bankrupt?
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    There's still some Ritz around. Try going local first and then online.

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