Need ceremony location near Catonsville


I have not ever used this before...

We have a reception venue in Catonsville but the set up (or lack thereof) for the ceremony is too awkward for our liking so we are looking for a separate location for the ceremony that is not too far.  We do not belong to a church and it seems really difficult to be able to get to use one w/o being a member.  It is currently scheduled for Memorial Day weekend on that Saturday – May 29, 2010.  Please help – any and all suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!   Thank you!!!


Re: Need ceremony location near Catonsville

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    I used Catonsville Uniter Methodist Church - we're not members and they didn't have a problem with us using it. If you get their answering machine, don't bother leaving a message because nobody will ever call you back.  It's a very pretty church, lots of parking, and they had a huge room for me and my BMs to get ready - the guys also had their own room right off the sanctuary.  I have lots of pics in my married bio
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